Becoming Place「場所になる」
aliwen & Serena
24/06/2022 - 26/06/2022
UNTITLED space, 
Kyojima, 3 Chome−13−7, Sumida City, 131-0046 Tokyo
Open: 12.00 - 7.00 pm
In June we would like to preset you an artist duo we have selected through ONA open call. The last exhibition from this series will bring works by aliwen (who is a non-binary trans femme activist, curator and writer from Chile) and Serena (a curator, researcher, and photographer from China). Both met in 2021 in Tokyo while making their MA at Tôkyô University of the Arts. However, not only artistic passion, but also a quest for searching new connections and meanings while making yourself at home in Tokyo, brought them together. 
We are happy to invite you to to discover their newest exhibition "Becoming Place"「場所になる」

Becoming Place
Spaces transform into places when specific emotional and symbolic meanings become attached to them. These meanings arise through our senses, creating experiences and memories based on our own perceptions. Being an immigrant in a foreign country can make it difficult to achieve a state of belonging when transiting between the nostalgia of yesterday and the new place of tomorrow. Finding psychological and spiritual solace when interacting with nature, we use photography as an intimate medium that reflects on our surroundings. Placing careful attention to nature, its varied specimens, lighting, and densities of atmosphere with the passing of the day, we perform a playful ritual that yields a profound sense of place. Both walking through the forest or the sides of the Edogawa and the Sakagawa river, we wish to create a queer sense of ecology in which we become connected with the complex network of lifeforms that conform to our environment.

2人は2021年、東京藝術大学大学院修士課程在学中に東京で出会いました。芸術的な興味・情熱だけでなく、東京でくつろぎながら新しいつながりや意味を探す探求心が、2人を結びつけました。この度の展覧会「Becoming Place "場所になる"」にぜひご期待ください!
About the artists:
aliwen and Serena met in 2021 in the Master Program in Artistic Studies and Curatorial Practices, Department of Global Arts, Tôkyô University of the Arts (東京藝術大学).

aliwen is a non-binary trans femme activist, curator, and writer from Chile, interested in queer and decolonial perspectives on archives, histories, and performance in Asia and Latin America. They studied Art Theory and History at the University of Chile, and they published their first book, Barricade Criticism. Body, Writing and Visuality in Contemporary Chile, in 2021 with Brooklyn and Santiago-based press Sangría Editora. 

Serena is a curator, researcher, and photographer from China, interested in memory,  landscape, nature, and gender topics in the East Asian context. She studied sociology at Southeast University in China. Photography has always been her way to connect to the fragments of everyday life.
アリウェンはチリ出身のノンバイナリー·トランスフェムの活動家、キュレーター、ライターで、アジアとラテンアメリカのアーカイブ、歴史、パフォーマンスに関するクィアと脱植民地主義の視点に関心を持っている。チリ大学で芸術理論と歴史を学び。2021年にブルックリンとサンティアゴを拠点とする出版社Sangría Editoraから『Body, Writing and Visuality in Contemporary Chile』(現代チリにおける身体、文章、視覚)を出版。
Exhibition view:
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