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ONA project room アーティスト募集  
ONA project room は女性アーティストを募集します!
2022年1月から6月の期間中にて、現代アーティスト6名に個展のチャンスを提供します!ジャンル問わず選ばれた各アーティストの個展を墨田区にあるUNTITLED spaceで行います。
2021年11月1日(月) - 2021年12月5日(日) ※日本時間23.59に締切
■ 応募方法

STEP 1 : 応募フォーム登録
STEP 2 :  申込費お支払い 
申込費  ¥1,500(税込)
* 上記の金額をお返し致しません。
* ONA project roomの管理費として使用します。
* 応募フォームのご郵送はご遠慮ください. 
* 応募締切日までに「Step 1」と「Step 2」を完了した応募者のみ検討します。

■ 参加費 / 4 days
¥15,000 (税込)
※ ¥1,500 申込費と別途かかります。 
※ 参加費は出展者結果発表後、出展する方々だけにお支払いをお願いしています。

■ 出展者結果発表

ONA project room Open Call 
“ONA project room” is happy to announce its first open call, offering an opportunity for 6 contemporary artists to have their solo exhibition at UNTITLED space in Tokyo. 
Whether it is painting, installation, performance, sculpture, design, photography, movie or media art, we welcome all genres within the walls of "UNTITLED space" – a newly-created artist-run venue located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo which hosts the project. 
We invite up and coming artists, who identify as female, to submit their work. Selected applicants will be awarded with a pop up style exhibition at UNTITLED space. We are looking for artists to exhibit from January to June 2022.
1 (Mon) November~ 5(Sun)December 2021  
The call will close at 11:59 PM (JST) on December 5th. 

* Being an emerging artists that identify as female. 
* All nationality and age accepted.
* All creative genres accepted.
* The applicant must be present at the venue during the event.
* Artist group and art collectives are also welcome to apply

STEP 1 : Registration of the necessary information in the application form
STEP 2 : Payment of the application fee (ONA project room banking information will be send to each applicant)
Application fee :  ¥1,500
*this is a nonrefundable fee.
* the application fee will support the development of the ONA project room, as well as cover administrative costs. 
*no postal applications will be accepted. 
*the application and the payment (step 1 and step 2) must arrive before the end of the call for artists.
¥15,000 (tax included)
※ Selected applicants will be asked to pay exhibition fee before the start of their exhibition
※ The application fee is not comprised in the exhibition fee.

The  applicants selected will be contacted by e-mail by the end of December. Those who are selected will be awarded with a pop up style, 3 days long, solo exhibition at UNTITLED space.
Please read our Terms and Conditions. 
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