Alizée Gazeau
19/08/2022 - 21/08/2022
UNTITLED space, 
Kyojima, 3 Chome−13−7, Sumida City, 131-0046 Tokyo
Open: 12.00 - 7.00 pm
ONA project room is pleased to invite you to the exhibition "LE FILET” by Alizée Gazeau curated by Rio Usui for the ONA summer edition.
The paintings, which at first glance appear to be abstractions reminiscent of the cosmos or the micro-world, were painted with nets that Alizée uses in her production, blending directly into the picture plane along with the paint.
The net is an ancestral tool and has the peculiarity of being both held in hand and given away at the same time. The narrative of the material leads her into a dialogue with the work and a connection with others. Each color change gives a new perspective to the movement of the nets and their patterns.
The use of the net as a painting technique is a core element in the flow of her work. The netting creates a hollow-like shape, which she also finds in a piece of a horse's saddle. It is like scales, like traces of skin undergoing mutation/transformation.
"Mutation is a force, a way of metamorphosis. Its great force is expressed as a sculpture of a helmet with overlapping scales." she says.
Come and encounter Alizee's work and its space, where one motif mutates into another, softness and hardness, material and pattern!
8月のオナプロジェクトルームはONAサマーエディションと題し、アーティスト・キュレーターのRio Usuiによる展示プログラムを開催いたします。第2弾はアリゼー・ガゾの個展 “LE FILET / 網 ”を発表いたします。

Exhibition photos:
Photo credits: Kohei Kawatani
About the artist:
Alizée Gazeau is a French artist born in 1990.
She studied art history and art philosophy at La Sorbonne and founded in 2018 the Publication for a Non-linear Art.
After a one-year residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, she moved to Berlin where she lives and works.
She has just completed a two-chapter cycle of the exhibition Off Water presented in Berlin and Paris in which she brought together twelve women artists of different nationalities.
Le Filet is her first solo exhibition in Japan where she traveled for the first time at the end of 2019.
Instagram: @alizeegazeau

1990年生まれのフランス人アーティスト。ラ・ソルボンヌ大学で美術史と芸術哲学を学び、2018年に「Publication for a Non linear Art」を設立。パリのシテ・アンテルナショナル・デザールでの1年間のレジデンスの後、現在はベルリンを拠点に活動。
ベルリンとパリで発表された国籍の異なる12人の女性アーティストを集めたグループ展示「Off Water II」を今年4月に開催。
「LE FILET」は、アリゼーが2019年末に初めて来日した以来、日本での初個展となる。
Instagram: @alizeegazeau

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