No Tree Longs to be a Table
Dolores De Sade
2023/03/10 - 03/12

3-13-7 Kyojima, Sumida City, Tokyo. 131-0046
Open: 12.00 - 19.00 pm
Dolores de Sade presents a new series of drawings and etchings of objects found during solitary walks in the time of lockdown.
Created throughout a time of human confinement and vulnerability, this exhibition evidences a connection to, and resilience beyond or despite the human world. These are relics whose meaning have been lost - distorted by human intervention and their environmental confinement. Small moments of fragility and impermanence are demonstrated by their persistence. Traces of life are etched into their surfaces and carefully rendered by the artist. 
Presented as objects of natural history, these remnants evidence our relationship to nature - our desire to capture, name and reform. The need to trace the precipice of the known world and that beyond - to create relics. 
We strain towards controlling life, but often this is just an heroic attempt at failure. Life continues despite us. Our bodies are mortal and fail, dynasties end, and Empires fall. The mountains, forests and oceans will outlive us all, despite either our best efforts or avoidances. And the relics we leave behind will bear no meaning other than our own fragility.


Exhibition view:
About the artist:
Dolores de Sade is from London, but lives in Thailand. Dolores studied MA Fine Art and Printmaking at the Royal College of Art and holds a PhD in History from the University of York, UK. She has work held in the royal collection in both UK and Thailand, as well as several major institutions, including the the British Governement Collection, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Library and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In 2011 she was the recipient of the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Award and the Royal Academy’s British Institution Award. She was Chair of East London Printmakers for several years and is a fellow of The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.
ドローレス・デ・サドはロンドン出身、タイ在住のアーティスト。ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アートで美術と版画を学び、ヨーク大学(イギリス)で歴史学の博士号を取得。イギリスとタイの王室コレクションをはじめ、英国政府コレクション、ヴィクトリア・アンド・アルバート博物館、大英図書館、ロイヤル・シェイクスピア・カンパニーなどの主要機関に作品を所蔵。2011年にはBirgit Skiöld Memorial Trust AwardとRoyal Academy's British Institution Awardを受賞している。イースト・ロンドン・プリントメーカーズの会長を数年間務め、王立絵画・版画家協会の会員でもある。
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