Akiko Kimura
10/12/2021 - 12/12/2021
UNTITLED space, 
Kyojima, 3 Chome−13−7, Sumida City, 131-0046 Tokyo
Open: 12.00 -  7.00 pm

 i #18 Rebun 2007

ONA project room is thrilled to announce the exhibition "i_AKIKO KIMURA" by photographer Akiko Kimura from December 10th (fri) to 12th (sun), 2021.
This exhibition will be an opportunity to appreciate Kimura’s exquisite photographic works, through 3 different series "i", "sakura, snow, sky" and “ひ(one)" and through her photo books. During the show the artist will be present all day and the artworks and art books will be on sale. We look forward to receive you at the occasion of this new show.

"In my work I wish for people to not only see the visible reality
but also to feel something invisible."
Akiko Kimura

この度、ONA project room (オナ·プロジェクト·ルーム) は、2021年12月10日(金)- 12日(日)に写真家木村朗子による展示「i_AKIKO KIMURA」を開催します。
写真撮影を「うけとる」行為だとする木村が、ONAプロジェクトからの招待を受け、シリーズ3作「 i 」「月雪花 / sakura, snow, sky 」「 ひ 」から最新作も含めて展示を構成いたします。

月雪花 sakura,snow,sky #1  2020

月雪花 sakura,snow,sky #9  2020

About the artist:
AKIKO KIMURA (born in Hitachi, Japan in 1971)
Akiko Kimura started taking photographs when she was 8 years old, using her father's camera. She first exhibited her photographic artwork in 2000. Her work has been shown at galleries in Japan and internationally. She lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.
1971年日立市生まれ。 小学3年生のときに父のカメラを使い撮影を始める。大学を卒業後、 写真作品の制作を開始。 横浜市在住。おもな展覧会に『 i 』 book obscura(東京)、 speak for(東京)、 das foto(ベルリン)、『うちなる光 –stillness–』 evam eva yamanashi(山梨)など。 国内外で活動。

Interview with the artist:
Exhibition view:
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