Risa Tsunegi 
20/08/2021 - 22/08/2021
Open: 12.00 - 19.00 
ONA project room is excited to present Risa Tsunegi exhibition “◯ △ |” (circle, triangle, line).  Her solo show inspired by mass production, is focusing on slight differences in the relationship between the original and its representations through a production system. Presenting a video she made during online residency with Space Ppong (Gwangju) and new ceramic works, Tsunegi will create an original installation in correlation with the space.
This August, we are looking forward to welcome you in our space at the occasion of this new collaboration!

この度、ONA project roomでは常木理早展「◯△|」(丸、三角、棒)を開催いたします。 常木理早の個展は、大量生産にインスピレーションを得て、オリジナルと生産システムによる表現との間のわずかな違いに焦点を当てています。また、Space Ppong(光州)でのオンライン・レジデンシーで制作したビデオと新作のセラミック作品を展示し、空間と連動したオリジナルのインスタレーションを展開します。
Artist statement:
"Whenever you see an image of a product on a supermarket leaflet, there is a small note somewhere that says "Image is for illustrative purposes only". This "image of an object" is made into a work of art through the process of moulding and reproduction. The process of moulding itself is originally intended to make the same thing, but somehow it does not turn out the same at all, or it fails for my experience. Thinking about categorisation by omitting various things, I am proposing to show an installation with a video and the ceramics I developed from it."  Risa Tsunegi


About the artist:
Risa Tsunegi studied painting at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London and completed her MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2009. She creates sculptures and installations that combine seemingly unrelated images inspired by tools and actions in specific environments, such as agriculture, theatre or a train. She is currently a Koganecho resident artist based in Kanagawa, Japan. Upcoming exhibitions include Showcase Gallery at Yokohama Civic Art Gallery Azamino (September) and Koganecho Bazaar 2021 (October).


Photo by Yusuke Yamatani

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