Shin     神    שין
Ronnie Karfiol
2023/02/10 - 02/12

3-13-7 Kyojima, Sumida City, Tokyo. 131-0046
Open: 12.00 - 19.00 pm
In Hebrew, Israel’s native language, Shin is the name of the first-before-last alphabetical letter (ש) and its shape embodies the spiritual meaning of - fierce change; burning and transforming. As such, it traditionally symbolizes the connection between the depths below and the highs above. 

As an Israeli new media artist originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, I moved to East Asia two years ago. During that time I have developed a new body of work that connects the traditions of Jewish secret mythology of Kabbalah, together with impressions from contemporary culture of RPG games that dominate East Asia, such as Genshin Impact. 

In Shin, I am reflecting on the notion of being both a stranger physically but a local digitally, as a young woman fluent in game culture. 
Through the image and dual character of the Shin (using the Chinese pronunciation of the Kanji - 神) which is also the name of the ש Hebrew letter) I create the vision of an entity, partly a Seraph, a frightening, mythological Jewish angel, and partly a non-traditional, queer self portrait of a woman looking to find her own vantage point in this world.


Exhibition images:
About the artist:

Ronnie Karfiol is an artist originally from Tel Aviv Israel. Her work has exhibited in museums such as CICA (South Korea) Petach Tikva Museum of Art & Herzliya museum. Furthermore, her films screened in Europe and the US on national and international film and media festivals, including FILE Festival Brazil [BR], EMAF - European Media Art Festival [DE] and Currents Festival for new media [US]. 
She is the recipient of various young artist prizes in Germany and Israel, including ZKM Museum and the Rabinovich Foundation.
She was a resident at the joint intiative in ZKM Museum and Akademie Solitude and in Cripta747, Italy. Her works are part of the collections in both the public collection of the Guttman Museum and the Herzliya Museum of Contemorary Art [IL].

Karfiol’s work focuses on new media techniques, often countering themes within the obscured borders of theology, technology and humanity; and interrogating how new narratives form and thrive in these new portals of being.

また、FILE Festival Brazil(ブラジル)、EMAF - European Media Art Festival(ドイツ)、Currents Festival for new media(アメリカ)など、ヨーロッパやアメリカの国内外の映画祭やメディアフェスティバルで上映されてる。ZKM美術館やラビノビッチ財団など、ドイツやイスラエルで様々な若手アーティスト賞を受賞。

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