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荒井佑実 Yumi Arai
28/10/2022 - 30/10/2022
UNTITLED space, 
3-13-7 Kyojima, Sumida City, Tokyo. 131-0046
Open: 12.00 - 19.00
In October we are pleased to invite you to visit works created by Ibaraki based artist Yumi Akari. In this multidisciplinary installation created especially for the Kisuiiki project, the artist will be working with the ideas of light and shadow, as a metaphor for complicated father-daughter and artistic relations existing between Oi and Hokusai. 
Light and shadow are inseparable, like two sides of the same coin. We feel light in the presence of shadow, and we know shadow from the presence of light.
Katsushika Ōi had few opportunities to become known as a talented painter, or even just as a talented female artist of her time. Instead, her life and legacy have lived in the shadow of her father, the revered Hokusai. His light burns bright in the history of Japanese ukiyo-e, while Ōi is only acclaimed for being “the right hand of Hokusai”.
For this exhibition the artist attempters to recreate that interplay of light and shadow using prisms of crystal glass, mica, and the same mineral pigments derived from ore that were used in traditional Japanese paintings. The mobile disperses natural light during daylight hours and artificial light when it becomes dark, creating a space where you can feel the coexistence of light and shadow as well as how this dynamic changes throughout the day.
10月のONA project roomは、茨城県を拠点に活動するアーティスト・荒井佑実の個展を開催いたします。
Exhibition images:
Photos by Maciej Komorowski
About the artist:
Yumi Arai is a visual artist currently based in Ibaraki prefecture. In 2010 after graduating from Tokyo Polytechnic University, she studies at Department of Design, Visual Communication Course in Sweden, and in 2012 she graduated from Capellagården textile course. Arai creates ephemeral objects and installations that expresses a spiritual world that interweaves common consciousness that reincarnates, memories hidden in the land, and myths. Her work was part of many exhibitions in Japan. 
2010年 東京工芸大学芸術学部デザイン科ビジュアルコミュニケーションコース卒業後、スウェーデンへ留学。
2012年 Capellagården テキスタイルコース卒業現在茨城県在住。
主な展示に2021年「in a room,over,round,found」TOTAN / 東京 ・O'keeffe / 茨城
2019年「Funes」にじ画廊 / 東京
主なアーティストインレジデンスに2022年「Art Cycle」茨城、2021年「紀の国トレイナート」和歌山、2017年「artles」 Finland などがある。
Workshop with the Artist!

The art of catching the light and shadow. During this two hour long workshop participants, together with Yumi Arai will learn the art of making mobiles. This playful workshop will be an opportunity to explore balance, as well as the art of catching the light. For building the structure participants will use materials that the artist herself used in her works presented at the gallery. 
This workshop is intended for elementary school students and above, and it will be conducted in both English and Japanese. 
Date: 29 OCT 2022 (sat)
Time: 10.00 - 12.00
- workshop capacity - 5 people 
- registration required
- fee - 1000円 (paid at the venue)

- 定員: 5名
- 要予約
- 参加費: 1000円(当日会場にてお支払いください)
主催:ONA project room、「隅田川 森羅万象 墨に夢」実行委員会
協賛:株式会社東京鋲兼, 東武鉄道株式会社
※ 「隅田川 森羅万象 墨に夢」実行委員会 事務局は(公財)墨田区文化振興財団が担っています。
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