ONA project room is pleased to present ONA Summer Edition, the exhibition program curated by Rio Usui over two months in July and August 2022.
In July, Sarah Bildstein's solo exhibition "Epoch/é" will be presented, followed in August by Alizée Gazeau’s "LE FILET".
Rio is an artist and curator living in Germany. She is currently studying at the Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany). She is interested in humans and their outer 'existence' and the collaboration between space science and art, and is expanding her field of expression through various media such as painting, drawing, video and installation. As a curator, she organizes and curates various exhibition programs in collaboration with other artists and collectives inspired by her own artistic activities, interests, and concepts
For ONA Summer Edition, Rio will collaborate with two female artists whose keywords are her interests as an artist: expanded representation of painting, cosmic patterns and material narrative.
“The UNTITLED SPACE, where the artworks are exhibited, becomes a universe, an organic nest of communication that embraces everyone who visits. I would like visitors to experience a space that embraces all visitors and the presence of the microcosmos and its stories that are conveyed through the artworks.“

オナプロジェクトルームは ONA サマーエディションと題し、Rio Usui のキュレーションによる展示プログラムを7月、8月の2ヶ月間にわたって開催いたします。
7月はサラ・ビルトシュタインの個展 “Epoch/é” 、8月はアリゼー・ガゾの”LE FILET” を発表いたします。
作品を展示するUNTITLED SPACEの空間そのものが一つの宇宙になり、有機的なコミュニケーションの巣が訪れるみなさまを包み込み、作品から伝わる小宇宙の存在とその物語を体感していただきたいと思います。

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